Brian Cox and Emma Fielding

Productions in which Brian Cox and Emma Fielding worked together.


The Game
as Valerie

A Cold War spy thriller that tells the story of invisible wars fought by MI5.

cast: Tom Hughes, Brian Cox, Paul Ritter, Victoria Hamilton, Shaun Dooley

BBC, Niall MacCormick

Brian Cox, British / Scottish actor. Brian Cox is also known for Mindscape (2013, as Sebastian), Ironclad (2011, as Baron William d’Aubigny), The Sinking of the Laconia (2010, as Captain Sharp), Zodiac (2007, as Melvin Belli), Troy (2004, as Agamemnon), The Reckoning (2002, as Tobias), Nuremberg (2000, as Hermann Göring), Braveheart (1995, as Argyle Wallace).

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